• The president’s words
  • outubro 29th, 2014

Kouprey Animal’s Sanctuaries Friends is a non-governmental organization (NGO), non-profit,that aims promoting welfare and conservation of all animal species, working and acting with institutions that have similar objectives, and working with environmental education within all population sectors, concerning the conservation of animals, through the acquisition of areas to be preserved.

The idea that each animal needs a “home” (KASA) on a protected area to live is emphasized in one of the main objectives of the NGO, that consists on raising funds to acquire wild places and/or degraded places for restoring and transforming it into Natural Heritage Private Reserves (RPPN)., choosing areas near National Parks and reserves, and so forming ecological corridors, fundamental to the survival of wild animals.
KASA was proudly founded by a multidisciplinary team, composed by biologists, physicians, lawyers, counters, but first of all, nature and animal lovers.

Elias Sadalla Filho