• Órix da Arábia
  • maio 12th, 2014
    (Oryx leucoryx)

The Arabian Oryx were considered extinct in the wild in 1972 due to poaching and habitat loss. Starting in 1963 with only seven animals, the Phoenix Zoo led efforts to breed the Arabian Oryx and reintroduce the population to the wild. The Los Angeles Zoo joined this effort in 1967, starting with just three animals.
The San Diego Zoological Society led the efforts to bring animals from the USA to Oman for the first reintroduction and have made a great contribution in terms of breeding, research and field work.
Now there are more than 4.500 Arabian Oryx in Zoos and wildlife preserves across the globe. More than 1.000 Arabian Oryx have been reintroduced in the Middle East home range following international conservation standards.